AMC Airlines

On Ground our aircrafts are always ready to fly high. Passengers' safety is our priority; our technical staff does the necessary procedures and checks before every flight to assure safety for an amazing trip

Cabin Crew

You are always welcomed aboard AMC aircrafts; Smile and Hospitality is our slogan.
Our Crew are carefully selected for their friendliness, courtesy and unrivalled levels of professionalism.

Welcome Onboard

Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome Onboard, Our AMC aircraft, please fasten your seatbelt Preparation for our takeoff and enjoy your flight with our Professional pilots.

Cabin and On-Board Service

Welcome again, please relax and enjoy your flight with us, you can find all the necessary information for your flight on the screens in front of you. Our Cabin crew is ready to meet all your needs during the flight; our service program onboard is qualified to satisfy your needs from meals and beverages.

During the Flight

Our modern fleet allows you to fly safe and feel comfortable while enjoying the view outside.
Enjoy spending your time on-board with our crews' company and taste the hospitality.
Feel the Difference with AMC Airlines.

Fly again with AMC Airlines

Please fasten your seatbelt Preparation for our landing. We just like to seize the opportunity to thank you for flying with us, AMC hope you've had a nice flight and wish to see you again on-board.

About AMC Airlines

Aircraft Maintenance Company, which is an Egyptian private airline

The AMC Company is established as the first Egyptian independent private company for aircraft maintenance and overhaul at the Egyptian airport to service the local private and foreign airlines. It is licensed to perform all kinds of maintenance according to the ministry of transportation civil aviation sector order no .357/tt/1988 dated 17/07/1988. In 12/10/93, AMC obtained the approval according to ministerial order no .310/92 for charter flight.

  • AMC Airlines is a joint stock company which has been established under the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt in 1988.
  • 1989, AMC acquired an air taxi operator’s license.
  • 1992 AMC acquired its passenger charter operator’s license.
  • In late 1992 AMC Purchased B737-200.
  • 1993-1997 Leased two B737-400.
  • 1994 Purchased A300B4.
  • 1997 Delivery of the first MD-90ER.
  • 1997-2001 Fleet expands to 7 aircraft. one A300B4, one B737-200 and five MD-90ER
  • 2000 started experiencing MD90 engine manufacturing problems, followed by September 11th, 2001 resulting in returning back the MD90 fleet.
  • November 2001 Acquired 49% ownership in Air Mali and increased the United Nations flights to outset the September 11 effect on the Charter flights.
  • July 2002 takes delivery of the A310-300 MSN 437 from Ansett Worldwide.
  • December 2003 (the Charter operations recovers), takes delivery of two MD-83’s MSN 53191 and 53192 from Ansett Worldwide.
  • March 2006 delivery of the first B737-800 out of seven aircrafts
  • In 2007, the third & forth B.737-800 NG delivered to AMC.
  • According to AMC plan, the B737-800 NG fleet was supposed to be complete (seven airplanes) on 2010, however because of world wide economical recession and marketing considerations,the plan has been postponed to 2013.