SDADI Kids Kitchen Step Stool stood out as the best toddler step stool for kitchens. The design of the helper comes with attractive construction, lightweight and easy to move. It can be taken along on trips, or used in recreational vehicles, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Toddler Kitchen Helper Step Stool reviews above will be excellent choices for parents who have active kids around the kitchen. It comes with a cushion seat and splash guard that can be removed. 7 Most Functional Toddler Step Stools — Take Your Kid to New Heights! Made from sturdy and easy-to-clean plastic this stool will suit any home’s décor while being fairly reliable and versatile with its two steps of different heights, A perfect choice if you’re looking for ultimate safety: this model features not only two steps with three adjustable heights, but also anti-slip stickers and hand rail grips, An elegant model made from solid wood that features safety rails on all of its sides allowing your kid to help you at the kitchen without fearing to fall down, A small basic stool that is ideal for potty training: sturdy plastic construction, anti-slip surface and light weight for portability, A step stool with a high weight capacity that is so easy to store and take along wherever you go thanks to its folding construction, Another compact basic step stool for a variety of purposes: use it for potty training, reaching high shelves, or toy storing, Weighing at only 0.15 pounds this stool with rubberized anti-slip surface is effortless to move from one place to another, More features: 90-day money back guarantee; grip steps; dual height. Small children will be falling out the large openings on the sides. Some basic things you should keep in mind are adjustable height, easy to clean feature, and of course, guard rails. You are instilling independence and self-reliance in them, after all. Little Partners Toddler & Adult Step Up Stool is available in nine different colors. For your child’s safety, let’s look at your top choices so you can decide which would fit your family and space best with the kitchen helper toddler for children. Adjustable height and easy to assemble of this kitchen helper. Where will you store it? 4.8 out of 5 stars 69. One of the more unique designs when it comes to toddler step stools is easily the Learning Tower Kids Kitchen Step Stool With Safety Rail. ECR4Kids. Moving it is easy because the plastic material is 2.01 pounds and the cut-in holes on the sides serve as handles. True Growth - True Tot Tower - Kids or Toddler Step Stool - Wood Construction – … Is the height adjustable? Additionally, it offers the right height for your toddler to use a potty or a child-sized toilet seat and also reach bathroom sinks to wash their hands afterwards, but limited reach to kitchen counters which are unsafe for a baby of that age. As seen in our review, a constant complaint about toilet-training step stools is their narrow width which does not give children much room to turn and sit on the toilet seat. The handle on this high-backed step stool was specifically designed for you to be able to move it around the kitchen with ease. They are all skid-proof and very much sturdy. The stepping surface should be slip-proof to provide a firm foothold for your little one’s feet and prevent them from sliding and losing balance, no matter how much the child wiggles. Required fields are marked *. Spaces by Battat decor, so you can work it seamlessly into the rest of your kid’s bedroom or playroom. It is a great tool to help children accomplish everyday tasks like brushing their teeth or helping out with dinner. Weight is influenced by the type of material used in construction and the additional features, such as extra steps, safety rails, and multiple functionalities. KATARUS Toddler Step Stool for Kids Two Step Standing Tower for Kitchen Counter, Bathroom Sink & Toilet Potty Training, Children Step Up Learning Helper with Handles and Safety Non-Slip Pads, Green 4.8 out of 5 stars 53. Cosco. Gracious Living Extra Safe Non Slip 18.75 Inch Tall Rubber 2 Step Home Step Stool… The two steps feature slip-resistant surface, and the four legs are padded with corner guards at the bottom to prevent slipping. This is generally from the age of 18 to 24 months. The surface of the steps is slippery if it gets wet. What’s the optimal stool height for a three-year old? ECR4Kids Chef's Helper Kitchen Tower, Natural Wood Toddler Step Stool, Kids Adjustable Kitchen Stool with Safety Rails, Natural by ECR4KIDS. Next thing you know, you are sent crashing down to reality, and as you furiously go through the step stool’s documents to contact the manufacturer for a replacement, the recommended maximum weight jumps out at you. We believe that your children to love being in the kitchen every day or many times a day with you. An adjustable to four different potential heights. Although the plastic construction makes it light at only 2.3 pounds, it is sturdy enough to hold up to a maximum of 200 pounds. Your child can be involved in daily activities in the kitchen doing something as: baking, mixing, preparing food, cleaning up or other hands-on situations. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF KITCHEN HELPER TODDLER? There is a hollow design underneath that is stackable for boosting the height. More features: has safety rails; finished with child-safe non-toxic polyurethane paint; 14-day money back guarantee. Step stools encourage self-skills in children because they can quickly learn how to use the toilet, brush their teeth, wash their hands, set the table, and take part in other household chores with their parents. 21 best diy images on pinterest busy book infancy and infants from diy toddler step stool with rails plans ana white traditional wood toddler bed diy projects from diy toddler step stool with rails plans. 7 Outstanding Long Range Baby Monitors – Be Close To Your Child Anywhere You Are, 6 Incredible Baby Push Walkers For Your Child’s Walking Skill Development, Best Wipe Warmers to Make Changing Time Comfortable for Your Baby. Secure Home by Jessa Leona Step Stool for Kids - Editor's Choice, Secure Home by Jessa Leona Step Stool for Kids, Little Partners Toddler & Adult Step Up Stool, Angels Kids Best Friend Boys Blue Step Stool, 6 Safest Car Seats For 4-Year Olds – Less Worries On The Road, 7 Best Postpartum Girdles For Shaping and Back Support. Because the back is not enclosed, this may work best for the older kids that are more aware and skilled. SONGMICS Toddler 2 Step Stool Kid Wood Owl Theme in Bathroom Closet Kitchen, Pink White ULKF02PK A number of models in our list can be used by both toddlers and parents, as long as they stick to the recommended maximum weight. Buyers mainly complained of the narrow width of the top step which did not allow their toddlers much room for turning. We promise! SDADI Kid’s Kitchen Helper Toddler Step Stool With Safety Rail: The kitchen helper for toddlers is both big and strong which SDADI Kids Kitchen Helper wants to guarantee excellent stability for your child in the kitchen.