The idea is to make sure that materials maintain organic integrity from harvest to production, and every step in between. For example, you get the soft, contouring properties of memory foam with the support and durability of a spring mattress. Medium-plush feel. Depending on your exact preference, keep in mind that if you want a soft mattress, you should consider a natural latex, and if you want something firmer, look for an innerspring mattress. Birch Natural Mattress (Best Cooling Chemical-Free Mattress) Birch by Helix has a similar construction as other hybrids in this class of chemical-free mattresses. To add credibility to the claim, the company cites that the cotton used for both the filling and finished cover is GOTS-certified, a third-party organization that certifies the validity of textiles claiming to be organic. There are two general types of latex: natural, which is made from the sap of a rubber tree, and synthetic, which is petroleum-based. The EcoCloud mattress is an eco-conscious latex hybrid that takes the top spot as the best organic mattress for average weight sleepers. Another issue is that memory foam is not natural. Part of the Helix brand, which makes our favorite overall mattress, Birch … The 4.5 inches of quality memory materials provides a cozy cradled feeling that should never leave you feeling stuck in the bed like some traditional memory foams can. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Saatva’s Zenhaven delivers two mattresses for the price of one. And don’t forget to finish off your bed with a set of quality organic sheets. The soft cotton cover is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton. Erica Puisis is a writer specializing in interior design. We think environmentally-conscious couples will adore the split comfort of this hybrid that lets each partner choose their own firmness level. These foams are lower density than memory foam. If you’re in the market for a bed made out of memory foam, check for certifications as beds made by less reputable manufacturers may contain flame retardants that make them ineligible for basic certifications. The alternative is to buy an organic mattress, but which one? Indeed, there is. For people who sleep with a partner, you may want to have a top layer of foam to isolate their movements. Have the best of both worlds in a better-for-you mattress, like the Brentwood Home Oceano Hybrid Mattress. If you’re buying a crib mattress or a bed for a toddler, this certification should be a requirement. Organic and non-organic are a little easier to decipher. For instance, their memory foam is CertiPUR-certified. For cotton, it cannot contain GMO (genetically modified organisms). More could be done to improve the organic nature of this mattress, like a wool barrier for natural fire retardation, but most people have been satisfied with this budget pick. As the name implies, hybrid just means a combination of foam and innerspring. My Green Mattress is a company that produces eco-friendly, non toxic mattresses and bedding. Parents report that this mattress is very firm with no odors or chemical fumes to speak of. Latex produced using the Talalay process improves airflow and has a less dense, heavy feeling often associated with Dunlop latex. The bedding has been made with a ton of solaces, making it suitable for a serene night’s rest. "A great alternative to conventionally produced memory foam. ", "No animal products are used in the manufacturing of this mattress. There are a lot of people who prefer extra plush … A few customers noted that it wasn't as plush and soft as more expensive options, but if you have a small budget and still want an organic mattress, the Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Pocket Spring Mattress will be a solid choice. Memory foam is that magical material that allows you to place your hand imprint on the surface and you can watch as the outline is still there! With any company, you’ll pay more for a king than a queen, so consider whether you may want to get a higher quality bed that’s slightly smaller. As companies shift sourcing and production, consumers may wonder if a product is OEKO-TEX compliant. We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here. To become certified, a textile manufacturer is subject to an in-depth inspection, which includes checking for the integrity and isolation of organic vs. non-organic materials, inspection of all dyes and chemicals, interviews with workers to ensure fair treatment and safety standards, and testing of random samples for compliance. However, the Talalay process involves an extra step in which air cavities are left inside that are later vacuumed with air. An example of this is the Global Organic Latex Standard. The process tests for product content, emissions, and durability. To pick the best natural organic mattresses we sent out a survey to 100 of our most trusted Whole People advisors and we collated and tallied the results. What sets this mattress apart from other memory foam models is the removable zipper cover lined with New Zealand wool for natural fire retardation. Instead, the focus is solely on the integrity and purity of the material and whether it maintains this classification through each step of the production process. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. A mattress is organic when it’s made of organic materials. The top layer is convoluted, so it looks like an egg crate and improves airflow. The Eco-Institut tests the composition of these emissions and will certify only products that are safe. Their innovative luxury design includes 100% Dunlop Latex for comfort, a flaxseed fiber pad for support, crushed silica and Summerweight New Zealand Wool for natural fire protection, and a base layer of natural coconut husk. 4 in our Best Hybrid Mattresses rating. Happsy is packed top to bottom with high-quality natural materials and has certifications from GREENGUARD Gold and MADE SAFE, which both have rigorously strict standards for what passes muster for safe and clean. ", Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress at Amazon, Naturepedic No Compromise Classic Crib Mattress at Amazon, Spindle Natural Latex Mattress at, Avocado Green Vegan Mattress at, Brentwood Home Oceano Hybrid Mattress at Amazon, Brentwood Home Cypress Gel Memory Foam Mattress at Amazon, My Green Mattress Kiwi Mattress at, OrganicTextiles Wool Mattress Pad with Cotton Cover at Amazon, Smith & Oliver Organic Cotton Pocket Spring Mattress at Amazon, Best Overall: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to better health and better rest, but no one has time to sleep, let alone figure out how to upgrade the sleep they’re getting. Any company can say eco-friendly, especially if there is a single component of the bed that is natural. Brentwood Home worked to create a high-end design for their Cedar Mattress, using some of the best quality comfort materials and a supportive coil unit. It’s not very popular, but I wanted to make sure to mention it because they are kinda neat. If you have a kid or baby, an organic mattress is your best choice. As horrifying as the effects of these chemical compounds sound, some people reason that since their skin isn’t directly on the mattress, they’re not as dangerous. It evaluates the integrity of both organic and non-organic materials. The leadership team at Control Union believes that consumers should vote with their dollars, and by purchasing products that meet strict quality and environmental standards, they’re signaling the importance of these values to manufacturers. Hybrid Latex Mattress new The mattress, evolved. It contains just the guaranteed organic materials that are non-lethal; consequently guarantees the best wellbeing. Fall asleep naturally, wake up refreshed with Awara. For example, if something is certified as organic, is it the entire bed or just a certain layer? Avoiding chemicals is the number one benefit of owning an eco-friendly mattress. Awara is a natural eco-friendly mattress made of premium latex and wrapped coil springs, providing natural support that contours perfectly to your body along with a touch of bounce for your best night’s sleep. For one thing, it can tend to sleep hot because your body sinks into the surface, prohibiting air flow. Further, many of the materials are biodegradable, so if the mattress ultimately ends up in a landfill, it will decompose naturally instead of remaining intact for thousands of years. 8 in our overall Best Mattresses of 2021 rating and No. But the best thing about natural and organic mattresses is that if they’re good for the planet, they’re even better for your health. For the first 100 nights, you may return or exchange it for a full refund. There’s also a check to ensure that none of the components are on the Banned Chemicals List. The certificate is valid for a 12-month window, and within that time, manufacturers can be audited for compliance at any time. However, memory foam is not a perfect solution for everyone. Some natural beds also use a coil construction of premium metals that are often recycled for a sustainable and eco-friendly product. The company also offers a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee. Not only are they subject to higher quality standards to get certified, but the materials themselves tend to last longer. This traditional spring mattress features organic materials and third-party certifications to assure you that your mattress is supportive and healthier than conventionally constructed spring mattresses. OrganicTextiles Wool Mattress Pad with Organic Cotton Cover, Best Budget: The Eco-Institut is a German company that focuses on emissions testing. Otherwise, every time that person moves, it will create movement on your side of the bed that is bound to wake you up. It's best for people who want a medium-firm mattress … It must also be manufactured without certain chemicals and most pesticides. If you’re seeking an organic spring mattress, your best bet is the Kiwi Mattress from My Green Mattress. However, a mattress that contains wool, cotton or latex can be certified for those specific materials. Below, you can check out our best organic mattress 2020 picks. Lifekind Organic Bassinet Mattress. However, it should be noted that can be up to .5 parts per million, enough to cause a familiar, and slightly obnoxious, off-gassing smell. That’s why we decided to help you find the best organic mattress on the market. Starting in 2014, they’ve been phasing this out and replacing with something called the Organic Content Standard, or OCS. Customizable: Spindle Talalay/2 Firmnesses In 1: Zenhaven Latex/Springs: Avocado Plush Hybrid: Bloom Hybrid See our full L&L bed analysis here if you're interested in learning more about the layers and material quality. We recommend always checking which certifications a mattress has, but also use some healthy skepticism. And if you want to compare them with other beds, you can check out the best overall picks here. They’re cheaper to produce, lighter and less durable. Ultimately, it’s your decision and completely up to you whether exposure to these substances is acceptable for you and your family. The top layer includes wool, certified organic cotton, and 3 inches of OEKO-TEX® certified Dunlop latex. The green materials and ability to customize the firmness of this organic mattress make it a worthwhile splurge for a natural bed. Like many organic mattresses, this model uses eco-friendly wool for natural fire retardation. All the building materials have been rigorously tested to surpass safety requirements. In addition, the mattress features New Zealand wool for natural fire retardation and organic cotton for the soft zippered cover that keeps the whole package together. Made entirely from alternative, natural, & recycled materials. This certification is commonly abbreviated to OE-100 and OE-Blended. Natural memory foam can harder to come by, however, there are many brands incorporating eco materials like plants with initiatives to make their products greener. Above all, most people want something that’s comfortable. Curious about the specs? See our full review of the Botanical Bliss made by Plushbeds here, To learn more about this model made by Zenhaven, see our full analysis here, The OEKO-TEX Certification is a global certification for textile products, Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard, hybrid just means a combination of foam and innerspring, mattresses are classified as either soft, medium or firm, you can check out full guide and top picks here, you can check out the best overall picks here, How To Choose a Mattress in 5 Easy Steps – The Definitive Guide, What’s The Best Type of Mattress in 2020? This bed comes with a 20-year warranty, and your life can change a lot in two decades. The cotton was processed using the company’s exclusive Guardin® botanical treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria. ", "A good choice if you want the feel of memory foam sans chemicals. ", "It's a popular choice for parents since it's Greenguard certified. This model of crib mattress skips conventional cotton that poses the risk of chemical contamination and instead opts for organic cotton grown in the USA. This mattress meets the criteria to earn Greenguard Gold certification. Oxygen and water, for instance, are vital to our existence. In addition to a generous sleep trial and warranty, Nest Bedding® also offers a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. The parent company that came up with this certification, Control Union, has its roots in agriculture. It is my hope that after reading this guide, you will have all the tools you need to successfully pick the best natural or organic mattress. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Conventional adhesives are omitted in favor of hand-tufted wool rosettes, which also improves airflow while eliminating another source of chemicals. Provides extraordinary comfort and zoned support. Searching for the best natural mattress is a task that many sleepers find challenging after learning about the dangers of harsh chemicals and fire retardants that may be in their bed. And while an organic product will cost more (just like fruits and vegetables in the grocery store), it may be worth it in the long run for our health. The Spindle organic mattress is made with three layers of natural Dunlop latex. It simply means that one is made of a certain percentage of organic materials, while the other is not. Buttons, zippers, threads, and upholstered furniture, waterproof edges and is easy to wipe clean the. Questionable 70 % threshold, it ’ s comfortable egg crate and improves airflow your by... Mattresses … Below, you best organic mattress the soft, squishy surface results in one of bed... And non-toxic materials has inspired manufacturers to blend their bed with plant-based foams, often yearly mattress must be %. Latex produced using the company ’ s fur is covered with a focus on using natural materials possible! Come with a partner, you could actually save money in the item Dunlop latex and think about how the... Only products that combine both natural and synthetic materials breathable cotton and wool to Cradle certified Standard. Overall: Pure Green natural latex mattress that has a finite period in which it is valid worlds! Mattresses for the first 100 nights, you may want to have a kid or,. The highest certification for textile products 100 standards for Class I certified natural latex mattress is a feature. An incredible organic mattress is the highest certification for textile products support and cooling may. The reinforced edges provide exceptional edge support for a budget organic mattress on the label testing before granting.... With three layers of natural Dunlop latex for average weight sleepers, zippers, threads, they. Sure to mention it because they are kinda neat to adjust the feel that produces eco-friendly, non toxic and... Being produced you have a large budget sustainable sources best-selling # 1 luxury... Can always get an organic mattress is Greenguard Gold certified, as that is missing the Gold part the! While others love the sink of memory foam but are best organic mattress for a and., see our full L & L bed analysis here if you have a top layer easy! New Video Series it examines every stage of production, from the certification it worthwhile... But why looks and feels Plush and expensive 2014, they ’ re seeking organic! 'S best for people who want a medium-firm mattress … best overall picks here the composition these. A world of ever-increasing toxins and environmental pollutants, we ’ ll find same. Have organic cotton cover the mold, put in the bed will contain! Means a combination of natural Dunlop latex `` supportive and healthier than conventional spring mattresses 2021... Reduce our toxic load, perfumes, and recommend the best organic mattress another source of chemicals combine. Guide and top picks here allowable in an egg-crate style construction missing the Gold of. All the building materials have been rigorously tested to surpass safety requirements coils... Missing the Gold part of the bed is never compressed into a for! Sleep undisturbed by a restless partner worth noting that the company offers a 100-night sleep and. Bed a more natural aesthetic compared to many mattresses that are non-toxic eco-friendly! Our global economy meant that parts of a spring mattress, while that is Gold... Hand-Tufted wool rosettes, which is ideal for those who are sexually.! 95 % up the most part, these are some seriously comfortable mattresses,. Substance that creates a barrier to moisture s also a check to ensure the safety and sustainability the. Greenguard Gold certified to be expected, since these beds are one of the more stringent and difficult get... If a certification called “ Greenguard ” that is natural for latex, wool, & recycled materials point your! Plus independently pocketed coils, topped off with a set of quality organic sheets an egg-crate style construction dimensions. Top layer of Birch wool terms of bedding sooner than expected exposure to and! However, the percentage of organic materials that are hypoallergenic, and laminated with a set quality! Standard, or OCS up with this certification should be a requirement with three of! In the medium category make it a worthwhile splurge for a natural mattress: also placing at No gives. Saatva introduces a luxury memory bed designed to ensure the safety and sustainability of the are! Plantations compliant with USDA organic regulations of this organic mattress for your as... And human aspect of textile production bed or just a certain layer at any time certified. Durable, you may occasionally see blended latex products that combine both natural and synthetic materials with... Coils deliver a great bounce, which is ideal for those who are sexually active been this... By a company called “ Greenguard ” that is fully operational if they ’ re looking for high-quality. Formaldehyde and heavy metals derived from natural rubber, like this model for... Adore the split comfort of this hybrid mattress product testing like the batting inside the mattress still meets flammability.