The USB VBus (+5V) is regulated to +3.3V to supply VCCIO, VPHY, VPLL and VREGIN of FT2232H, the 93C46 EEPROM and the 24LC256 EEPROM devices. I'm not so sure.. if you look at the original post, all I wanted to do was have Serial.println work on the ESP-01, but since I wasn't receiving any output I put the LED blink program in. Now working fine. FT2232H-56Q & FT4232H-56Q Mini Modules FTDI FT2232H-56Q & FT4232H-56Q Mini Modules are evaluation and prototyping modules based on the FT2232H-56Q and FT4232H-56Q Hi-Speed USB ICs. Original V2DEBUG module uses 2 simple 3-state gates from 74LV124 to combine RX and TX with TXEN into single-wire DEBUG signal. Perhaps that test case has confused the situation. Working with Lattice FPGAs recently, I had a need to program one but couldn’t find my ‘proper’ (Chinese clone, bought from eBay) programming adapter. I was trying so many times, and finally after checking all pins, I put it inside correctly. ... > FTDI customer service also told me that it could be a problem of power > connection (not all are done in their mini-module) that may cause an > erroneous detection. If module changed its product name, launch v2prog windows application and make sure that it recognizes the module now as V2DEBUG module. The 93C46 EEPROM is an option to allow Not, there just was something inside in the second slot, and the RAM was not go inside correctly. It turned out that I’d left an FTDI ‘FT2232H Mini Module‘ attached to the PC. Each module provides access to all required signals through two 26-pin dual-row headers, enabling easy connection PCB header sockets and ribbon cables. FTDI FT4232H Mini-Module. FPGA in Reverse-U16 can be used instead of 74LV124. The output of the on-chip LDO regulator (+1.8V) of FT2232H drives the FT2232H core supply (VCORE). Seems strange, but it is worth a try! openbiosprog-spi is an Open Hardware USB-based programmer for SPI chips, designed by Uwe Hermann.It uses an FTDI FT2232H chip and features either a DIP-8 socket or a pinheader where jumper-wires can be attached. FPGA. This circuit is a prototype of one that is compatible with OpenOCD which is an open source JTAG program and set of drivers. Hi Joseff thanks for your information, unfortunatelly i cannot test it yet received my express delivery FT2232H UM232H mini-module, but looks like its broken, its not working, first thing i did was plug it on USB port from my WIN7 machine, but it does not detect nothing on USB port scan... it does not light any lights like on my BBS tools.. Hello everyone, I have a working setup using an FT2232h chip (the breakout board from Dangerous prototypes) using the attached cfg file. Samsung and Kingston RAMs are in same size, just one 4GB and second one 8GB, totally 12GB. When I started the Diamond Programmer software, though, it claimed it could see a USB programming adapter. The board and circuit presented here is simply a set of connections, jumpers, and sockets that leverage the FT2232H Mini Module as a USB to JTAG adapter. The objective is to see serial … If you jump start your MINI or BMW your footwell module may have stopped working. Please refer to FT2232H datasheet for detailed specifications. The FTDI FT4232H Mini-Module Evaluation Kit can be used with flashrom for programming SPI chips.. Where to buy: FTDI openbiosprog-spi. Using a switching converter significantly reduces the generated heat. The design uses a MP1584 buck converter step down module to reduce the input, which can be in the range 6-20V down to 4V.