Advantages of Squats over Leg Curls/Leg Extensions. Think for a second. The deadlift is no replacement to develop your quads. If you opt out of the barbell back squat you need some alternatives exercises for the goals of muscle growth and performance enhancement. If you put in the effort, you will see results from almost any movement. Leg Presses vs. Squats for Leg Growth. Leg press is probably the best exercise to replace squats. Currently I do back squats (low bar) as my main leg exercise, and leg press for assistance because I think my core and back are already strong … ... Again, if your knees are more of the problem, this is not for you. right? I get really tired of this myth. I dont care about your reasons,if u dont wanna squat,then dont.Will leg press give you the same results as squats would-probably not. My goal is to build strenght for wrestling and muscle thanks! I like what you have to say here about the leg press, i have nothing but left knee pain when i squat and im sick of it, so leg press works best for me (pain free) Amen!! But if used properly,and hard enough,can it bring good development?-u bet it can. People often place their feet too low on the leg press pad and allow the heels to come up at the bottom. You will find my personal feedback on each below. Broom squats 4. Required fields are marked *. But technically they work the same muscle (quad?) In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: d7c6e33f9519e8cfae9d1f73d778e863, The End. Keep your heels planted. Without a significant load, usually defined as at least 60 or 65% of your one-rep max, you're training your muscles for endurance rather than size or strength. The leg press machine mimics the movement of squatting, but from a horizontal position – which can be easier on the knee joint and the spine. They will likely help your back squat too. When Should I Add Weight To Chin-ups and Dips. If you look from the side, the leg press mimics the cycling motion, albeit only to a certain degree. The squat is a very functional exercise. 1. Leg presses are seated exercises done on a leg press machine. The leg press doesn’t get as much love as a barbell squat in the world of bodybuilding, but when it comes to building mass and working all of the major muscles of the lower body, the leg press is one of the most beneficial compound leg exercises you can include in your exercise routine. Front squats 3. If I were to legpress, then, I could do much more weight and put much less strain on my back. There are plenty of people performing squats in a fashion that would be considered gay – light weight, half reps, buckled in knees…etc. This is a list of options I gathered from the online discussions. Like the hack squat, the leg press is a machine-based exercise. Now that you're a leg press vs. squat expert, know this: both exercises have a proper time and place in your workout routine. Your email address will not be published. First of all, look at the below diagram: People use the argument that since they can do way more weight on the leg press than they can on the squat that this makes the squat a better, “more efficient” exercise. Hardcore lifters have accepted the squat as the one and only king of lower body training and refuse to believe in anything else. Evo-the hamstrings important for power which would certainly not make them high in Type I fibers, but type II fibers as well. Squats are a must for the legs just like bench press is a must for chest. It you are like most people, weight triaining is a long term committment, so no need to rush and worry about how much weight you can do now. The biggest downside of the leg press is its “sterile nature”. Natty Maximization – A New Book By – The leg press is often used solely as an assistance exercise, but it could be your main leg strengthener too. There’s no pressure to stabilize the weight with your lower back like with squats. Squats vs Leg Press for Glutes. Yes, really . Try to do a higher number of reps – above 5. You cannot replace squats but the leg press is a great quad exercise as is the leg extention. Although the squats are more effective. In a similar situation, the leg press can save the day by allowing you to focus specifically on your legs. Remember the barbell does have weight to it. Leg Press. When you perform the exercise with a large range of motion, your lower back can round. To start, sit with your back against a padded backrest and your feet on two large footrests. Leg press 2. You utilize many of the same muscles as in the squat – specifically, the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. By doing that alone, can I build myself a pair of strong-looking legs? One, it targets your quads through a full range-of-motion and even strengthens your glutes and core. – Dave Newton Aug 14 '12 at 12:58 This places an unnecessary stress on the spinal ligaments. It allows you to lift the maximum amount of weight. – When doing the leg press, you need a spotter/safety catchers. This helps you overload the muscle. As a result, the leg press has always been considered the “coward’s choice” when it comes to leg training. Always make sure to do these exercises with proper form and don’t let your ego get ahead of you. I'm not doing nearly as well as I could. Can a leg press machine replace a traditional squat? My workout --Tuesday Olympic squat5x5 Bench press 5x5 Barbell rows 5x5 Barbell curls 3x8-10 Close grip bench-3x8-10 ---Wendsday Squat-5x5 Military press-5x5 Deadlifts-5x5 Pull ups or lat pull downs-5x5 … Training your upper body while lying on a bench is considered fine, but training your legs without limitation from the upper body is considered “gay”. The No Squat Leg Routine. 9. Leg Press. – Taller guys can benefit from the leg press because their squats are often hip dominant. You’re not really going to be able to replace squats. You’re also less prone to injury with leg press than with squats. Though I'm not sure of how the results will vary, and which would be better. Infact, study shows that Hack squat is better than the leg press and squats for the leg growth. But because there is less range of motion than there is with the squat, the quads work harder with this exercise. But if you aren’t a powerlifter (or are just lazy), replace the leg press with a goblet squat. – The leg press is a scalable compound exercise that works the legs pretty hard. Power clean and front squat 8. Who cares about fibers? When doing squats if you don't feel safe with the barbell, you can start of using dumbells. The leg press is an easier exercise to perform compared with the belt squat because it requires less motor control. Yes, leg press is an acceptable substitute, but you really should try squatting unless you have a good reason not to. It's the turn-around that over-stresses the joint. The leg press is a solid alternative to the belt squat because there is no load placed on the back and it isolates mostly the quad muscles. I’ve got to disagree with the majority of answers to this question that strongly disparage the leg press. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. – Don’t perform low reps. There’s no need to do powerlifting work on the leg press. Ultimately, the leg press will build your squat if it builds significant quad hypertrophy - the same can be said of any isolation exercise for any muscle group used in a larger compound movement. However, the leg press is still a solid leg strengthener often used by cyclists and skaters. It simpler terms – it’s a boring movement. Is it OKAY to do 45 Degree Leg Press to replace squat ? Technically, the exercise allows for an endless progression. As much as macho hardheads tend to think of the leg press as lame or useless the simple fact is that it is a compound movement that allows a major set of muscles to be trained intensely.