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AMC Airlines - Catering Services

Catering Services

AMC has Catering Center that occupies 1700 square meter. The building is designed and built in compliance with the latest catering hygienic standards. AMC provides catering for other airlines operating from all destinations in Egypt. There is diversity to satisfy all tastes, Oriental and international.

AMC has a very well equipped kitchen. It is managed by an expert executive chef. AMC kitchen is divided into several departments: Bakery, Pastry, and Hot meals & Cold cutes.

Cooling and freezing facilities are latest with enough back up in case of any technical failure. The facilities could produce up to 5000 meals per day.

Flight catering which presented onboard during the flight is a very comprehensive and this is due to developing technology, modernization and today’s condition.

Meal menus are cetiled regarding to both Egyptian and foreign passengers' culinary culture. Meal menus are also changed occasionally after evaluating passengers needs and requests.

Meal Types

In Domestic flights, we serve Cookies & juice.

In International Flights,  For Breakfast time we serve butter, jam and delicatessen assortments, with a (cold / hot) breakfast plate a variety of Böreks “Flaky pastry” Assortments of warm breads. For Lunch Time we serve salads and soft drinks with a (cold / hot) meal.

Special Meal Request

Passenger special meal request can only be handled if you call our reservation offices at least 24 hours before your departure time.


In our domestic and international flights we only serve soft drink such as juice, and hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

AMC never serves wines and alcoholic drinks.

AMC Catering has the capability to present food and beverage requirements and services for any event such as wedding parties, meetings, and conferences up to 400 guests.


For Catering Services Inquiries please click here