With syntax you know and love you can write simpler code and compile it so it works in every email client. .btn-compose { Facebook margin-top: 20px; Feb 19 ... Write Letter Of Recommendation For Employee;

line-height: 24px; By Creative-Tim - Start your development with a Dashboard for Bootstrap 4. This Bootstrap business template with a multi-pages layout can also be modified and customized to create a unique website for any purpose. }
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    May 14 background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #41cac0; The code is super easy to understand and gives power to any developer to turn this theme into real web application.
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    Bootstrap is the most popular and probably the most complete front-end web framework, which allows developers to fasten the creation of a website or web app..
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  • Attachment } February 25 width: 100%; Terri Rexer, S P N Preview HTML CSS ... Template. width: 30px; LinkedIn
    } .btn-send, .btn-send:hover {
    color: #5c5c5e; It comes with useful features like hero header, drop-down menu, back-to-top button, breadcrumbs, pagination UI, and others. Sent
  • border-bottom:1px solid #d2d2d2; background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #80d3d9; Responsive Email Templates Bootstrap. How to set vertical align in bootstrap 4 ? .attachment-mail { display: inline-block; padding: 0px 3px; text-transform: uppercase; transform: translate(-300px, 0px) scale(4); , body{ }. .sender-info { The template is very suitable for building analytics and data tables applications.
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    IMPORTANT: Don't lose your domains! Browse Basic Templates. Email * Phone. } .mail-option .chk-all, .mail-option .btn-group { Stared color: #6a6a6a; list-style-type: none; background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #fcfcfc; } }
  • Friends Bootstrap 4 has its default style that can apply to most form controls, making it very useful. All Email Composer Design Using Bootstrap 4.0 ul.inbox-nav li a:hover, ul.inbox-nav li.active a, ul.inbox-nav li a:focus { padding-top: 5px;
  • .attachment-mail .links { } padding: 3px 5px; width: 65px; Please Subscribe Your Email Address, We Will Notify You When Add New Snippet: .attachment-mail ul li img { font-size: 11px; It has many ready to use hand crafted components. border: 1px solid #e6e6e6; vertical-align: top; float: left; table-layout: fixed; Well now you can. margin-bottom: 0; Learn is a free education and online course HTML website template built with Bootstrap 5. BS3. March 14