Using a straight edge, cut diagonally from corner to corner in both directions. If you need to make a ton of Half Square Triangles, 8 at a time using the Magic 8 Quilt Block Method is the way to go! It's easy and fast, and perfect for scrap quilts. Thank you in advance for clarifying this and for the very useful info! I have a new vide, Hey friends! Cut on the unsewn lines (the solid lines) to … Learn how your comment data is processed. The Magic 8 Quilt Block - Make 8 Half Square Triangles at a Time! They are a great block to make! Multiply the sum by 2. Try this method to make 8 matching triangle-square units at the same time. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Make Half Square Triangles EIGHT At A Time. Here is a handy cheat sheet for the 8 at a time Chart and quilt block math formulas. This is great when you want a variety of HSTs with different fabrics. Let's get started. Read More…. How To Square Up Half Square Triangles Using the Quilt-in-A-Day HST Ruler. For this week's installment of the Half Square Triangle Tutorial Series, I will show you all how to make 8 half square triangles at one time and am including an 8 at a time half square triangle chart and math cheat sheet! Mar 17, 2018 - Learn how to make eight half square triangles at one time. I love to sew modern geometric quilts. Half Square Triangles are my favorite quilt block! Watch the video and follow along with the photo tutorial below. I’m going to show you how to sew half-square triangles (HST), 8 at a time. How to Do the Math to Cut out 8 Half Square Triangles We have been asked a number of times, how to calculate the size of the starting pieces of fabric when you want to cut 8 Half Square Triangles at the one time. Powered by, How to Make a Half Square Triangle - 8 at a Time, Finished size + 1 inch X 2 = Size square to cut. Look at that! Includes a Chart. To figure out your own dimensions for the magic 8 quilt block you will need to know either what the beginning square you need to cut or how big the finished half square triangle will be. By "finished" do you mean the block will be 3" or will it be 3.5' to allow for 1/4 seams? So here it is. Hi! 6. I am inspired by simple shapes and bold colors and want to help get your sew on! ). They are fairly simple to make and together they can make so many different designs! Let’s talk about the size of the starting squares needed to make Quarter Square Triangle blocks. I love to create just about anything - DIY, crafts, sewing and baking are a few of my hobbies. The number of ways in how you use them is endless, and the number of HST quilt blocks surely number in the thousands! My formula for half square triangles is to start with a square that is 1 inch larger than the finished sized of the half square triangle block in the finished quilts. Sew a scant 1/4in seam on both sides of the marked diagonal lines. Next, match your drawn-on square with another 7″ square, right sides together. Making half square triangles 4 at time is such a time saver, for sure. Eight at a time half square triangles (HST) are the true quilting efficiency! following the drawn diagonal lines. I make my Quarter Square Triangles the same way I make my Half Square Triangles – oversized. Where can I get the half square triangle paper template? Want to watch the video? My first try at the whole quilting thing. Take your 2 squares, one of each fabric, and lay them right sides together. I decided to dress up the boarder of my first quilt and this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you sooooo much for this information. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thanks!! Open up the fabric and press the seam toward the darker color. If you are new to quilting, the standard method of making HSTs is the “two-at-a-time” method. On to the math. Easy peasy! 3. We love to make a bunch and have fun arranging them in our favorite designs! So, happy to have found your tutorial. What a beautiful thing! Make 8 Half Square Triangles at One Time. The HST, or Half Square Triangle, is an essential building block used in many traditional quilt designs. Just like the charts we saw during the last two weeks, the first two columns show the finished and unfinished HST sizes. Note: For this project I'm starting with 6" squares. It prints out sizes from 1/2 inch to 7 1/2 inches. The Magic 8 Quilt Block is sometimes known as the Magic 8 Half Square Triangle Method or Half Square Triangles 8 at a Time. To make the Half Square Triangles 8 at a Time place two equal size squares of fabric Right Sides Together (RST). I just want to mark the charts, so I get the sizes I need. Thank you. 1. For the accompanying tutorial for this cutting chart, visit: I’m going to show you how to sew half-square triangles (HST), 2 at a time. Open the blocks outward and either lightly finger press or use your iron to lightly press. Place the two squares, right sides together, on top of one another. Half Square Triangle Rotary Cutting Chart Technique #4 – 8 at once Cut one square from each of two fabrics in the sizes indicated below. Half-square triangles, or HSTs, are one of the top quilt block units in quilting. Which part is confusing? How to Make a Half Square Triangle - 8 at a Time. The half square triangles will be trimmed to 2 1/2". The half square triangle. The method for making 8 at a time is very similar. Sew 1/4" away from both sides of the 2 drawn lines. This Sewing 101 is perfect for both traditional and modern quilters – and instructions are given for 5” finished squares. How To Make Half Square Triangles TWO At A Time. 178. Copyright Adventures of a DIY Mom 2019. We’re on a roll! This is a true timesaver and you have taken the guess work and math out of the equation for me. How to Make Half Square Triangles 8 At A Time Step 1 . We’re sharing our technique of cutting 8-at-a-time triangle-squares with you to make this process even easier! Step 1. All the other (unsewn) cuts are either cross-grain (only a tiny bit stretchy) or straight grain (not stretchy). You will cut a horizontal line, … Using your rotary blade, cut the square into eighths as pictured above. It is much easier with this method, to make the squares 1/2in to 1 inch bigger than you would like the resulting square to be. How To Make Half Square Triangles EIGHT At A Time. Your seam should be pressed (both layers) toward the darker color. Pin the two squares together as shown (to prevent the fabrics from shifting as you sew the squares together). Included in this post is a video demonstration, HST conversion chart to give you the math to make all block sizes, and sewing techniques to sew 2, 4 or 8 half square triangles at a time! First, take your 2 … 8 at a Time Half Square Triangles Method. But that just makes the math too complicated for me. I just love all the color combinations that can be mixed and matched and almost any fabric looks good in a half square triangle block. 5. First, it’s important to understand the difference between finished and unfinished block sizes.Finished is referring to the measurement of the block after it’s sewn into the quilt. Sew on the offset diagonal lines (dotted lines in the second image above). » Quilting Does this method leave the bias exposed, like the 4 method does? You can either use the dimensions given or use the formula to figure out your own dimensions. For the 4 at a time I rounded up to give a little room to square up. This one is great for making lots of them at one time and also if you are making a quilt that uses several blocks with one fabric or print like pinwheels or turnstiles. Christmas Ornament Quilt Pattern | Tinsel Time Quilt Pattern ». Today I’m sharing the detailed step-by-step. Required fields are marked *. The bonus of this method as opposed to using the alternate (4 HSTs) method, is that all of these triangle units have the straight grain on the edge, instead of on the bias. Half Square Triangle Size Chart Double the size of the finished square and add 1-3/4″. On the wrong side of one of the squares, draw 2 diagonal lines, one from EACH corner to the other. Use this formula to determine any size of Magic 8 HSTs. Do I understand that the Magic 8 Method makes finished squares from the chart (i.e., 3"= 3-1/2" unfinished)? Making 8 HSTs with 2 Squares of fabric is a really neat trick! Most of the fabrics I used in the picture above are Riley Blake Designs Basics and prints from one of my favorite designers Sarah Jane. If all you need is two finished half-square triangles, the HST unit assembly method is the right technique. Layer the square with the drawn … Each square is cut in half into 2 triangles, and then sewn back together to form a square. Merry Christmas from my peeps to yours. Finished size of your triangle square plus 7/8". Cut 2 squares the same size (See HST Resources Section below for Cutting Guide) Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the fabric across BOTH diagonals of one square. rotary cutter / cutting mat / straight edge, Printable Cutting Chart for Half Square Triangles, Post Comments Last week I showed you how to make 8 half square triangles all at once, but we still need to talk about how to figure out what size square to start with to get the right sized half square triangle (HST)!. Our downloadable and printable HST chart shows the cut square sizes in the first column and the finished square size in the second column.<br /> <br /> The sizes included range from 2 inches to 12 inches, so it has every size you will need when buying or cutting pieces of fabric. Trim each side of your square to the desired size. Be very careful to only press up and down, NOT back and forth so as not to stretch them. 2 squares, 2 lines, 4 seams, 4 cuts and you've got 8 half square triangle units ready for your next block. This week, we’re exploring a technique for making 8 half square triangles at a time. As always, I have step-by-step pictures. Hope your, Fur-yeah! Quarter Square Triangle Chart. You can find it on amazon. Learn the this simple way to make Half Square Triangles 4 at time with a chart for calculating the correct size fabric needed. Cut one square from two contrasting fabrics. You can make hundreds of different quilts using just the simple HST. Thank you so much for sharing this information. We also have a video below on how to cut the 8 half square triangles. Th, Another day, another stocking. Finished size + 1 inch X 2 = Size square to cut Many quilters add 7/8 of an inch instead of a full inch. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once sewn into the block their final size will be 2". Cut two squares equal to this final calculation from contrasting fabrics. You will now have 8 Half Square Triangle Blocks. The HSTs can be any size in such a quilt, but in my quilt, they happen to finish at 4” (4.5” unfinished). Formula for HSTs 8 at a time. The basic process is to start with 2 same-size squares, mark lines on one of the squares, layer, sew, cut, press, and trim. Be sure to watch the. I'm Rachel. It's been a while since I've introdu, Another great Christmas Stocking idea for you! I am so happy you are here and enjoying my tutorials! Mark a diagonal line across both diagonals on the wrong side of the top fabric square. I really like to make my units a little big and then trim them down to the perfect size- I find that no matter how careful I am with cutting, pinning, and sewing, my units can end up a little wonky. Using your rotary blade, cut the square into eighths as pictured above. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Well, I do! Anybody else truly value efficiency? There is a math formula to determine the size of the square you’ll need. The magic 8 method is very similar, but it doubles-up the results by sewing the equivalent of four paired squares simultaneously. The Magic 8 Half Square Triangle method is fairly common because of how easy it is! Watch the video and follow along with the photo tutorial below. If you can use 8 of the same HSTs, this is definitely the way to go! HST tutorial: Make 8 half square triangles at a time with this tutorial! Half square triangles are one of the most common units in patchwork quilting. This pattern is based off the 8 at a time method of making half square triangles (HSTs). Use the chart above to create the size HST's you need for your project. This Half Square Triangle Chart is just what you need to help you plan your next quilting project. No, this method sews along the bias, so those bias edges are enclosed in the seam allowance *before* you cut the squares. The barn-raising setting is one of my favorite ways to set log cabin blocks, and I thought I’d use it in this quilt to set the half-square triangles and achieve a similar result. For 2" finished half square triangles, the calculations are... 2" + 7/8" = 2-7/8". 4. You made 8 HSTs all at once with no problem! It consists of two 90 degree triangles sewn into a square. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Make Half Square Triangles Two At A Time. You are so welcome! Just to get an idea, take a look at my favorite HST quilts.. Home Now draw a line across each center point for a total of 8 lines (first image above). I'm Shelly! Your email address will not be published. See more ideas about Half square triangles, Triangle quilt, Half square triangle quilts. You now have 8 Magic 8 Quilt Blocks finished and ready to assemble in a quilt top. There should be a link in the post . I’ve made four d, Method I - Simple Half Square Triangle Tutorial, Method IV - Half Square Triangles from a Jelly Roll - The Strip Method, Method V - How to Use Half Square Triangle Paper. Atom Which for 3 inches will be 7.75 inches square, to begin with. Triangle Math Half Square Triangle Quilts Baby Quilt Tutorials Quilting Tutorials Triangle Formula Math Charts Math Formulas Quilt Sizes Thing 1. 2. I would have to say that HST quilt blocks are my favourite for this very reason. 7. You will cut a horizontal line, vertical line, and on both diagonal lines. Half Square Triangles (HSTs) 8 At A Time. This is great when you want a large number of identical HSTs. I have agonized for days to make multiple HST's as I need so many. These fur trimmed stockings definitely, Sew an easy Christmas Stocking! » Copyright © 2020 Foodie Pro on the Foodie Pro Theme, « 25+ DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags to Sew, New! Thanks for a great short tutorial on the 8 square triangles and the "cheat" sheet of various sizes, you have been very generous. The contents of this blog, including text, original pictures and ideas are the sole property of the author. Finished means the size after it is sewn into a project, unfinished means you still have a 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides.....thus, it is 1/2 inch bigger. Hi! Again, the 2 Split Quarter Square Triangles produced will NOT be identical – they are mirror images. HALF SQUARE TRIANGLE CHART In order to end with the desired size of half square triangles there's a formula. Apr 29, 2020 - Explore Shari Marsh's board "Half Square Triangles" on Pinterest. (This sum is also our midpoint measurement.) The basic process is to start with 2 same-size squares, mark lines on one of the squares, layer, sew, cut, press, and trim. Step 2 . If you’re wanting a quick way to make 8 half square triangles at a time, then this is the tutorial for you! Aug 25, 2020 - If you need to make a ton of Half Square Triangles, 8 at a time using the Magic 8 Quilt Block Method is the way to go!