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AMC Airlines - Maintainance Services

Maintainance Services

AMC Aviation enjoys that it has an approved maintenance organization under ECAR part 145, AMC AIRLINES - ECAA Approved Maintenance Organization is located at Cairo International Airport where maintenance facilities are available.
AMC Aircrafts are always maintained by its own huge maintenance organization.
AMC has the capability to offer the same service to the other carriers.

The maintenance team of AMC is qualified for most types of maintenance, which will be greatly increased by completing the maintenance facilities and regulatory approvals.
The line maintenance department is well equipped for all tasks of line maintenance especially for B737-800, and MD 83 types.

AMC has proudly a huge an equipped HANGAR. This HANGAR has a lot of work shops such as sheet metal shop , tubing and plumping shop that already play their role in AMC. Besides, the unit of overhaul shops, especially painting shops, interior shops (Composite and fiber glass), battery and electric shops, plumping and tabbing, tires and wheels, and brake shops which are adequately prepared and well equipped.

AMC Airlines has the capability to achieve line maintenance up to C check and Heavy Maintenance Checks for all operating owned fleet according to ECAA certificate (MD-83), and Line Check for B737-800 NG, AMC has the capability to offer same service to other carriers as requested.

AMC Technical Section exerts a high effort to fulfill the ECARs requirements for storing system and storing procedures. Both quarantine and bonded stores are separated and environmental conditions are tightly considered. Special stores for oils and greases, tires and hardware are available.

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